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Artist Bio

Ashley Ellis, Visual Artist

Ashley  Ellis is a Wisconsin native that has been painting for more than two decades.  She has been formally educated in painting and sculpture.   Ashley transitioned into encaustics for her own body of work over 10 years ago.  

Ashley is purely self taught in the art of encaustics.   She has collectors and clients who buy and commission her work.   Not only has she found a fantastic and addictive medium to create in, she also found that there was a need to teach this medium to other curious artists (dabbler to professional).  She started small, holding a few classes and demos here and a few there, her encaustic workshop offerings fill almost as soon as they are posted.  Ashley has adult artists traveling in from all over the continental US to take classes with her to teach them the basics of encaustics to intermediate and advanced skills and problem solving.  She found a talent for instructing and the scope of her class offerings cover many different mediums and ages, including  corporate events, retreats, children’s art parties, workshops, home painting parties, demos and more. Ashley has also been called upon to jury art shows and give art critiques by local professional Artist organizations. 

She is honored to get to meet some amazing artists  of all ages and spark their desire to create through the voice of art.  She finds it thrilling to see exhibitions and pieces from past students who have learned to run with it and create with many AMAZING mediums.  


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