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Artist Statement

Wisconsin Visual Artist Ashley Ellis working on encaustic painting in her home studio

"I work intuitively, and my work reflects my internal dialog and interests. My Mind is always going, always thinking, always finding inspiration in the way people move; the way two colors play off of each other, the moment in time when music moved me to feel a certain way, the way light effects colors, and the patina of objects. I love natural textures and colors. I adore when a painting speaks to me, or the way I can go back to it and pick up where I left off and recall my entire process with it.


The fear of the blank surface is with us all as we start a relationship with our piece. Just like meeting a new person for the first time you get to know each other by having a two sided conversation. The Great thing about encaustics is that it is not afraid to speak back to you. It has a lovely way of reacting to everything you lay at its’ surface. The beauty of that conversation is evident through its natural evolution.


There is something sensual about encaustics that brings you in and makes you really aware of the idea it is trying to share. Everything about encaustics stimulates me, from the textures to the process; from the smell of the beeswax, the color of the piece, the composition of the whole down to the sense of being drawn in to the many translucent layers. I love the organic luminosity when working in the medium; it is exhilarating, challenging and involved."